Triango Soul

Four seasons - Astor Piazzolla


Astor Piazzolla creates with “The four seasons in Buenos Aires” some spirited and emotionally rich pictures inspired by the baroque emotions of Antonio Vivaldi. The three musicians of “music connecting project 2020” complete these four seasons of Astor Piazzolla with a programmatically interpretation of four emotions and temperatures in a freely improvised musical language. The summer is ruled by passion, when scorching heat torts the body. In a city like Buenos Aires there is humid inertia. The music suggests the slowness of the city, which begins to breathe after the sun has gone down. In the end the passion disappears and autumn starts with nostalgia. In winter there is cold loneliness and grey monotony. Winter is like a cold day but in the night you can feel the hot rhythm of tango. In spring you meet the first love and feel physical temptations. The city awakes to new life after hard winter days.

In an optional second set some more adaptions of great Astor Piazzolla Compositions will be performed.


Manuela Kloibmüller – accordion
Karen Schlimp – piano
Wolfgang Weissengruber – saxophone